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World Cafe events

We love World Cafes! It is a participative process used to discover the issues of collective significance to a community, through relaxed conversation.


Using the layout of a café, participants capture ideas and issues on a paper tablecloth, and after a period of time discussing an issue over coffee, move to a new table where conversations continue.


A World Café is appropriate when:


You wish to encourage sharing of knowledge and an in-depth exploration of key challenges and opportunities.

People need encouragement to engage in meaningful conversations with one another (perhaps for the first time).

A mutual ownership of outcomes is important.

We work with the principles of the World Café to create relaxed environments for communities to come together to discuss what matters to them.


We offer to:

• Facilitate World Cafés - events that bring communities together (from 6 to 6000 or more people!)

• Create a hospitable space

• Help to clarify your purpose, and from this create questions that matter

• Encourage everyone’s contribution

• Connect diverse perspectives

• Encourage everyone to listen together and notice patterns

• Share collective discoveries


Further information on running World Cafes can be found on

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